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Ten-years ago in June of 2007, at the inception of the Afro-American Heritage Center, the Argus published an article titled “New Afro-American center planned of R.I.” (Print date 6/10/2007) There was an immediate backlash of negative comments and direct attacks regarding the mission and comments on how the proposal itself was racist. 

Those anonymous self-proclaimed authoritarians decided the community had no need for the organization or its’ mission, which is for the community as a whole "to gain an accurate understanding of the historical identity of the Afro-American and to use this knowledge toward the educational and social betterment of all people." Years of experience has given refinement to the mission, with public forums designed for ‘Raising the Value of History & Culture’ with continued educational programs based on American History from the Afro-American perspective

raising the value of history & culture

Raising the Value of History & Culture

Afro-American Heritage Center

Pictured above: view from the top of Elmina Castle - Elmina, Ghana

Elmina Central Region