As of the end of the last fiscal year (June 2015) AAHC has a three-year average of $2020 of donations received.  Less than 12-percent of donated funds are from non-members of the organization. This allows roughly a $500 budgetary constraint for four quality programs.

Programming can only increase if funding or fundraising increases. Can you help increase funding?

Direct donations submitted by mail do not incur an expenses to the organization. Please use the address on our Contact page.

Checks or Money Orders should be made out to:

"Afro-American Heritage Center".

Online donations are currently accepted by using PayPal and donations are always accepted at events by cash, check or swipe using Square.

There is always an expense to the programs offered (i.e. possible venue expense, film rentals, honorariums) and depending on the contractual agreement with the various filmmakers or studios, charging even a modest fee is not an option without additional percentages paid.  When allowed,  the organization solicits at-will donations but usually the cost of the event is not covered.

For example, on March 7, 2016, AAHC hosted the Quad Cities premiere of Bound: Africans v Africans Americans --If you in anyway supported this screening, members of the AAHC appreciates your support—the cost of obtaining public viewing rights for a one-time screening was $350.  This may not seem like much, however AAHC has no ongoing or consistent funding from big foundation, green farm implement company, aluminum can or even from individuals who say they identify with our mission. Total at-will donations collected for the Bound event totaled $95; not enough to cover the expense of the event.

Please note, however, events are always paid-in-full in advance by members and all proceeds collected at any program go toward furthering the Mission of the the organization. 

Ways to Support AAHC

The Expense of Operation

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