Why have I never heard of the AAHC?

AAHC's  primary avenue of promotion is email. Are you in the Illinois or Iowa Quad Cities Area? Please join our email list today!

Effort is made to post events on local calendars and occasionally the organization has used radio, mailed flyers and posted ads in other organizations event books.

What is the lesson learned? In nearly ten-years of effort, spending money to advertise programs gave the organization visibility. The expense, however, did not translate in to a higher participation rate than posting events on free calendars or asking those who have an interest in our Mission to please forward information to those who have a similar interest.


How often are programs held?

Annually members of the Afro-American Heritage Center have a goal to host a minimum of four programs, which are primarily documentary screenings and discussions. Periodically these presentations include  guest authors, filmmakers and historians who bring additional depth to these presentations.

Where is the AAHC?

Currently, due to funding, the AAHC has no facility open to the public.  From the beginning the founders of the organization understood that without the support of the community (participation and financial) there would be no facility open to the public.

Current program offerings are reflective of available funding.


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Since 2007, members of the Afro‑American Heritage Center have regularly held open to the public engaging educational programs. This includes the screening of documentaries with discussions immediately following at little or no cost to participants.

The AAHC is a 501 (c) (3) community-based organization  operating with a executive board of three. Would you like to volunteer for a Committee?